On that historic day, January 19, 2003, True Vine Baptist Mission became a full-pledged church after Mandalagan Baptist Church approved her requirements to become one.  It was a touching experience as we see Bro. Jose Jison placed on the signage the word CHURCH over the word MISSION as the Men’s quartet (namely: Ptr. Jojo Vallejera, Diomedes Rosejos, Juanito Diolata, Jr. and Marietto Jurisprudencia) sang “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”

For the 56 baptized members at that time, it was a milestone that God is worthy of praise for His faithfulness.  However, before she became a church, let me brief you of its previous existence.  Our glorious past reminds us of how God leads us all the way.

January 1999 saw the gathering of ordinary people seeking for God’s leading as they constantly met and prayed in homes and the place of the Sy family in Villamonte and Roxas St.  A month later, Bro. Oscar Emmanuel Cruz joined us as our pastor with wife Amor.  On March 27, True Vine Fellowship got its name after a month’s prayer.  On April 1999 thru the effort of Yvonne Gargalicano, this place, Victorina Arcade was used as permanent worship place.  We cannot forget the efforts of the couple, Mr. & Mrs. Rafael Vargas as they lead in the worship place preparation since we started our worship service at the Infosystem in Hernaez Street thru the courtesy of Lynette Peralta.

During the time with Pastor Cruz, bible studies and seminars were conducted three times a week.  The spiritual growth of the members was attributed to his diligence and patience in preparation for greater tasks ahead.  2 Cor 15:15 became the life verse which  says, “and that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for thee, and rose again.”

However, Ptr. Cruz had to leave the country for his residency expired and this prompted him to go to the US in March 2000.  While he was out, church care was handled by the core group headed by Nonoy Sy for financial aspect, Raffy Vargas for the physical properties, and Marietto Jurisprudencia for spiritual matters.  Miss Jane Ganado was in charge of the music ministry and worship program while Tess Delfin took care of the office.

On July 17, 2000, Ptr. Cruz returned and continued his ministry.  Because of health problems, he decided to rest.  Before he left in December 2000, Bro. Doyle Moore, Ptr. Pete Etabag and Ptr. Jojo Vallejera of the Baptist Missionary Association of the Philippines with their desire to help, came over after True Vine Fellowship invited them to give a briefing of BMAP’s doctrinal stand and beliefs.

With much prayer, True Vine Fellowship decided to ask for help from the BMAP and went to Mandalagan Baptist Church to formally request for assistance.  It was on January 18, 2001 that the request for TVF was approved by MBC as its mission as Ptr. Doyle Moore as interim pastor and Ptr. Jojo Vallejera attended to the ministerial functions.

As a mission of MBC, a total of 44 individuals were baptized every family Sunday in 2001 and 2002.  On December 1, 2002, all requirements of a full pledged church were accomplished. 

It was on January 19, 2003 that True Vine Baptist Mission became a church as approved by her mother church with a total of 56 baptized members.

During the church organization on January 23, 2003, Ptr. Aster Dedoroy was unanimously chosen as pastor by the congregation.  With him was Ptr. Jonathan Arturo as youth pastor and Mrs.Radarlyn Vallejera as choir directress.

The month after the church organization, as building and lot fund raising was started by sponsoring “Love Never Fails” on February 13, 2003 at the Apollo Restaurant.  Invited speakers were Ptr. Pete Etabag and Mr. Greg Vallejera. 

The Still Waters of the Lifeword Ministries also graced the occasion.  It was a well-attended affair with great success that on February 12, 2004 another Love Never Fails 2 was realized in the same venue.  This time the speaker was Ptr. Robert Murphy of Cebu mission of BMAA.  The audience was entertained by the newly discovered actors and actresses of True Vine Depicting the stages of courtship and marriage, namely:  Mr. and Mrs. Juanito Diolata, Jr, Mr and Mrs. Ronnie Uy, Mr. and Mrs. Diomedes Rosejos, Mr and Mrs. Steve Espiritu with other casts: Mr. Jose Jison, Ryan Ruiz, Maira Ferrer and Zendy Dawn Jurisprudencia.

The Love Never Fails is no longer a fund raising campaign but became a ministry to the married couples.  On February 11, 2005, Love Never Fails 3 was held at Mayfair Plaza.  With the addition of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Lepaopao, Mr. and Mrs. Ram-Ram Campo, and Mayette Rosojes and the last year’s cast made another successful production of stage play on the Ten Commandments of Husbands and Wives.

The church’s other ministries and activities are the following:

1.    Children’s outreach ministries

2.    Evangelism.  In April 2003, Brgy. 10 was visited by the church and 50 individuals received Christ after a film showing and invitation.  The following year in May 16, Brgy. 14 was tapped where puppets and clowns entertained the children, countless and few parents responded to the invitation.  On May 22, 2005, the team went to Brgy. 39 where a film showing was conducted.  Another evangelistic meeting was held at Brgy. 9 on August 21, 2005.

3.    WMA’s prayer ministry continues to meet every other Friday for over-midnight prayer and every Saturday for prayer and fasting.  Two of the members Mrs. Matea Chong and Mrs. Eufemia Campo left to be with the Lord in April 5 and 12, 2004, respectively.

True Vine’s WMA are active in participating both district and NO’s meetings.  In 2003, Mrs. Ofelia Vargas was elected as Vice President of WMA NO while Mrs. Josephine Jurisprudencia was elected as President of WMA District 3.

4.    TVBC Brotherhood continues to meet every first Saturday of the month.  They have appeared in the Lifeword TV Program where they showed their talent in singing.  On May 8, 2005, Mr. Juanito Diolata, Jr. passed away.  His homecoming was witnessed by most of True Vine people.  It was during the basketball game at Villamonte when Wha succumbed to a heart attack.

5.    Youth and Middlers meet every Saturday.  Mrs. Aileen Dedoroy is leading the group.  Both Brotherwood and WMA are being tapped as devotional speakers every meeting.

6.    The first wedding officiated by Pastor Aster Dedoroy with Ptr. Ariel Bermejo was on June 5, 2004 to Ram Ram and Cherly Campo at Tangub Missionary Baptist Church on June 5, 2004.  The first silver wedding anniversary was that of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Espiritu on Sept. 6, 2004 at Victorina Arcade under the sponsorship of the members.

7.    In July 2004, True Vine commissioned Ptr. Joel Yanson and Bro. Benjie Peldonia to Cagayan de Oro City to survey and start Bible studies.  Financial support was given by the church and Bro. Robert Murphy of Cebu mission.  However, in September 2004, both of them went back to Bacolod.  The church is still hopeful that the Lord will raise workers in that area of the country.

8.    In October of 2005, the Lord opened the Guimaras Mission with Pastor Rene Alvarez as pioneering worker.  The ex-mayor of Buenavista, Brgy. Hitollo donated a lot and some individuals to provide finances for the church building.

9.    Aside from the family Sunday conducted every 5th Sunday of the month, where baptism is being conducted  (2005 saw the baptism of 11 persons), the first family camp was held on March 24 and 25, 2005 at Shekinah Camping Grounds in Murcia, Negros Occidental.

10.  With eagerness to sing with perseverance, “Make His Praise Glorious” was materialized on December 20, 2003 as the first Christmas Cantata.  Another presentation was made entitled “Maligayang Pasko” on December 18, 2004.  With the choir, silent praise was presented by the beautiful hands of young people and some women.  We thank God for Pastor Aster for his patience in conducting the presentation.  In the middle of 2005, God provided Mrs. Melanie Hilado as our church conductress.  She conducted this year’s Christmas Cantata, entitled “Joy to the World.”  The TCA students rendered the beautiful silent praise.

11.  Every year, the church is celebrating her thanksgiving Sunday every fourth Sunday of December.  this is a celebration of God’s goodness to the church since it started.

There is joy in serving the Lord no matter what the cost.  As we look back, we never dreamt that True Vine would be like this, with you composing this church.  The thing that we will never forget is God’s wondrous working in each one’s life and to the church as a whole.  Why this church is still here today, intact, because this church is composed of imperfect individuals and we blend ourselves together with mutual love and respect for each other and most of all accepting one’s weaknesses.  PRAYER is the key that keeps us together despite the shaking power of the enemy.  Matt. 16:18 says, upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  Trust, dependence and believing upon the Living God that His promises will surely come to pass are among the reasons that True Vine Baptist Church stands.    


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